GNU BinUtils
1.1、GNU BinUtils简介
是什么 ?:a collection of tools for handling binary files.
1.2、通过包管理器安装GNU BinUtils
WindowsChocolateychoco install -y MinGWMinGW-w64
macOSHomeBrewbrew install binutils
GNU/LinuxHomeBrewbrew install binutils
aptsudo apt-get install -y binutils
CentOSyumsudo yum install -y binutils
dnfsudo dnf install -y binutils
openSUSEzyppersudo zypper install -y binutils
Alpine Linuxapksudo apk add binutils

Arch Linux


Manjaro Linux

pacmansudo pacman -Syyu --noconfirm
sudo pacman -S    --noconfirm binutils
Gentoo LinuxPortagesudo emerge binutils
1.3、通过编译源码安装GNU BinUtils
1.4、GNU BinUtils中包含的命令
asthe GNU assembler
ldthe GNU linker
golda new, faster, ELF only linker, still in beta test
ara utility for creating, modifying and extracting from archives
ranlibgenerates an index to the contents of an archive
nmlists symbols from object files
stripdiscards symbols
c++filtfilter to demangle encoded C++ symbols
objcopycopies and translates object files
objdumpdisplays information from object files
readelfdisplays information from any ELF format object file
gprofdisplays profiling information
stringslists printable ASCII strings from files
sizelists the section sizes of an object or archive file
addr2lineconverts addresses into filenames and line numbers
nlmconvconverts object code into an NLM
dlltoolcreates files for building and using DLLs
windmca Windows compatible message compiler
windresa compiler for Windows resource files
1.5、GNU BinUtils中包含的头文件
1.6、GNU BinUtils中包含的头库文件
  • libbfd.a
  • libopcodes.a
  • libctf.a
  • libctf-nobfd.a